Topsham Sand Pit Slope Site

The Topsham Sand Pit is a very popular slope site. The prevailing NW winds provide great lift. The DownEast Soaring Club insures the site through AMA. AMA membership is now required to fly at the pit.  

Directions to the Topsham Sand Pit:

At the intersection of Route 295 and Route 196 in Topsham, ME take Route 196 west towards Lisbon Falls. Go approximately 3.3 miles. On the right side of the road you will see a sign for the Maine Dept. of Transportation Maintenance lot. The MDOT lot is on the is accross the street on the left side of the road. The entrance to the pit is the next road on the left approximately 500 feet past the MDOT Lot. You should see a metal gate whith WHORFF in LARGE red letters. If the gate is shut, park outside the gate on the right side close to the fence. Please do not block the entrance as gravel trucks frequently use the road. If the gate is open, drive in and park on the first road to left. Again, please do not block the road. The slope is up the hill to the left.

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