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Anyone still using "72" I have brand new Electryfly S-600...7.2 - 8.4 V ferrite motor,,wired to a 6 ior 7 cell battery connector, a 20 or 25 amp fuse (20!for 6 /25 for 7 cells), on on off switch and a magnetic on off switch for cutting motor in flight. All wired and set to go. Any reasonable offer considered.🛩✈️ 🎃
Minima Glider. Complete: 136 " wingspan with 38" ailerons Hitachi HS-11 servos, 6 channel Orange Receivers, 2000 mAh Nhim iMA auto pilot/ stabilizer! Tow hook and release installed, planked fuse. covered in good iron-on Yellow excellent condition considering it's been hanging in my shop for a year or so Will consider any reasonable offer
January 2009; DAW Schweizer 1-26 EPP combat glider Tower Hobbies 3000 FM 4 channel radio, and high start. - resonable offers... Faye Brown at 353-2728 days, 353-5571 eves