May 29 2004 DSC Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting is this Saturday, June 25th, at Clark Cove at Noon

Members Present:
Tim Acord
Mike LaTorre
Dan Flynn
Glen Collins
Rick Hallet
Michael Moore
John LeClaire
Ken MacDonald
Allan Wright

Treasures Report:
The report was given by Ken MacDonald. The current account balance is $1852.83 not including the transactions registered this day.

Secretaries Report:

Michael Moore returned DSC-49 and the Just Want to Fly 2 DVD
Rick Hallett checked out Just Want to Fly 2 DVD
Mike Farnsworth has DSC-49

New Business:

The club bought 3 new deep discharge lead/acid batteries for the club winches and retriever. The total purchase price was $147 dollars. Our old batteries were ancient. From what club members could recollect, they were purchased over 6 years ago. Two failed to take a charge this spring and the third had lost most of its capacity. It lasted for two launches at the May TD contest. The members present at the contest voted to approve the purchase. The new batteries are smaller and lighter than the old ones. The terminals have a different design too. The “marine type” screw terminals are not located on the top of the post, but beside the post. This will allow the quick release style connectors to work with these terminals. All in all, they should be much easier to use. The club would like to thank Ted McKibben for his assistance with the purchase.

The new popup shelter was used at the York County Soaring Fly In. Three DSC members showed up at the YCS field for the event. The inclement weather put a damper on things. Michael Moore, Mike Farnsworth, and Bob Buxton made the trip. Bob showed up earlier than the rest of us and left before we got to the field. We hid under the shelter hoping for the weather to clear up. No such luck. The only flight of the day was a quickie with Michael’s Sokol. The low ceiling, drizzle, and raw easterly wind kept the fun away.

VP Mike Farnsworth made a motion to steal one of the No-Host Slope days for a HLG contest date. We will try to coordinate around other regional contests (e.g Charles River). The motion was approved. Mike will post the event on the site.

The club trainer (Bird Of Time) is nearing completion. The tail servo was removed and placed in the nose. The original elevator servo installation would not produce enough throw for the elevator. The specifications called for a micro servo.  A mini servo fit, but due to the thickness of the servo case, the servo horn had to be shortened too much. Installing the servo in the nose also reduced the amount of nose weight that was required. All that is left to finish the airplane is a final CG trimming.

A motion was made and passed to purchase 2 new chutes and winch line. Neither of the club winches has a chute at this time. Brenda Carr may be able to make us a couple of chutes for us at a reasonable price. We need a volunteer to take the lead on this item.

A motion was made to buy some new videos. Glen Collins volunteered to look up what new videos are available and come up with a list. Rick made mention that there was a standing motion to purchase them as they became available.

Club members discussed changing the October contest to Thermal Duration with winches. The usual contest is an F3J Hand tow. The F3J format requires more help for each participant. A TD format would also make it easier for senior members of the club to participate. The contest that we held last fall also served as a practice for Jeff Carr. Jeff participated in the qualifier event for the F3J team in Colorado.  

Old Business

The monofilament order was received by Michael Moore. Michael distributed the mono to the members who ordered it. The order contained 6 Kilometers of 150 pound test line. Just imagine the launch that you could get if you used it all at once!

DSC Flight Instruction Plan:We still need a volunteer for Chief Instructor, and volunteers for instructors and committee members to put the plan in writing. Club members need to step forward and help out.

The EPP shipment has been received. Contact Glenn Collins to pick up your order.

Show and Tell

Michael Moore displayed his new XP4 Hand Launch glider. Members passed it around, fondled the wings and drooled in the fuselage. Mike Farnsworth volunteered to poke some extra holes in wing just like he did for Michael’s E-Banana. Does anybody else need help building their airplane? Measure once, cut twice? Info is available at


Allan Wright displayed his new Gambler cross tail version, the Gambler +. The cross tail should allow the airplane to behave better with a discus style launch. Allan is offering discounts to club members. This airplane is a good intro into the HLG arena without the cost of the high end composite ships. It can also double as a light wind sloper. More information is available at

Tim Acord flew a little flying wing thingy with a Johnson motor.  I did not get the airplane information, but I think the motor costs a couple of dollars. Tim had it clocked at 70 mph. Cheep fun. If you want more information, hound Tim!


Congratulations to Robert Buxton for his recent contest win! Bob took first place in the Sportsman division of the LASS Contest in Reading PA. Bob flew his AVA in the contest. The AVA is a knockoff off the Bubble Dancer designed by Mark Drela. Pictures of Robert and his AVA were published in the previous newsletter. Rick Hallett has built numerous all composite versions of Mark‘s  Bubble Dancer design.



The League of Silent Flight salutes the attainment of new levels by the following members in May, 2004:

New Level



City / State


Eugene Hays


West Covina, CA


Clarence Ashcraft


Sandy, UT


John Erickson


Valencia, CA

II *

Doug Barry


Glen Allen, VA


Regis White


LaPlata, MD


Michael Acree


Los Angeles, CA


Steven Reed


Murray, UT


Bernd Brunner


Mannheim, Germany


Charles Frey


Atlanta, GA


Michael Farnsworth


Topsham, ME


Stephen Gleeson


Parkwood, Perth, Australia


Tim Lennon


East Brighton, VIC, Australia

(* Indicates 2nd time through the program)

Mike Farnsworth completed the LSF achievement 1 ranking and is now working on Level 2. The LSF level 1 achievement requires 5 spot landings within 3 meters, one 15 minute slope flight, and a five minute thermal duration flight.

For more information about the LSF, go to

New Airplanes

Michael Moore completed his E-Banana with some help. Mike Farnsworth was kind enough to poke an extra aileron servo hole in the wing for him. Measure once, cut twice. Anybody else need some help with building?

Here is Michael’s description of the maiden flight:

“Wow does that plane fly great !!

 Motor on, climb is about 5 seconds. First few were vertical, the rest I could do 90 degrees. 6 seconds puts you out of site. Rolls are FAST and when you stop the roll its instant. Best part, motor off the plane flys with very little sink and it flys slow very well. A few motor off runs I was turning in lift, glide covers lots of sky.

First landing, I used the whole runway. Landed and skidded 4-5 feet (it flared nice) and not even a scratch !!”

Foam Cutter

The CNC cutter is all set to cut Zagi type wings.  If any one wants to come over on Sunday we can cut their wings. I've been using the MH 45 airfoil. If you want another airfoil no problem.  Say 11:00. We can cut other plan forms but that might take a little setup time. Let me know. - Glenn

-- Contact Glenn if you would like to cut some wings…..

YCS Field Help
I received this plea for help from the York County Soaring:

Hate to ask this but YCS is asking all for any donations possible. The upkeep for the runways is quit expensive. The YCS member that donated his time last year is unable to maintain the field this year. So we have to hire outside help. Members are urged to help out.

Donations can be made from their web site at This field is a nice location to fly from.

Next Meeting is this Saturday at Clark Cove at Noon - See you there.

DownEast Soaring Club Upcoming Events





June Mtg / No Host Slope Soaring Lobster Festival

Saturday, 6/26/2004

Business meeting Noon to 1PM, Flying before and after. Low tide 11:53 AM

Clark's Cove, Harpswell

July MTG / Slope Soaring Lobster Festival

Saturday, 7/10/2004

Business meeting Noon to 1PM, Flying before and after. Low tide 12:36 PM

Clark's Cove, Harpswell

'No Host' Slope Soaring Lobster Festival

Saturday, 7/24/2004

Time participant's choice; Low Tide 10:30 AM; See Note: #6.

Clark's Cove, Harpswell, ME ; Low tide 10:30 AM; See Note: #6.

August MTG/No Host Slope Soaring Lobster Festival

Saturday, 8/7/2004

Business meeting Noon to 1PM, Flying before and after. Low tide 11:01 AM

Clark's Cove, Harpswell;

'No Host' Slope Soaring Lobster Festival

Saturday, 8/21/2004

Time participant's choice; Low Tide 9:14 AM; See Note: #6.

Clark's Cove, Harpswell, ME ; See Note: #6.

Sept MTG / No Host Slope Soaring Lobster Festival

Saturday, 9/4/2004

Business meeting Noon to 1PM, Flying before and after. Low tide 9:31 AM

Clark's Cove, Harpswell, ME ; Low tide 9:31 AM

No Host Slope Soaring Lobster Festival

Saturday, 9/25/2004

Time participant's choice; Low Tide 3:06 PM; See Note: #6.

Clark's Cove, Harpswell, ME ; Low tide 3:06 PM; See Note: #6.

DSC Club Business Meeting

Saturday, 10/9/2004

9am coffee/pastry, 9:30 Business meeting, 10:30 Show & Tell (Slope afterwards?).

Bookland Coffee Shop, Cooks Corner, Brunswick, ME *See Note #1