Next Meeting is Saturday, Ocotber 8th, Bookland at 9:30

Next Event is the BAM/DSC Electric Fly-in on September 9 and 10

July 9th Meeting Minutes

Members Present
Ron Scheu, Michael Moore, Rick Hallett, John LeClair, Ken MacDonald, Mark Higgins, and guest Scott Lister.

Treasures Report:
Ken MacDonald reported that the club has $805.25 in our bank account.

Secretaries Report: None

Rick Hallett returned a DVD, Mark Higgins took it to view it. I do not have in my notes what the title of the DVD was. The spring TD contest video was returned to me at the CRRC contest.

Old Business:

Jim Armstrong reports that two people still have not picked up their chutes that were ordered. If you ordered a chute, please contact Jim to make arrangements for pickup and delivery.


Club trainer: Forrest Sumner volunteered to act as our training coordinator. We need to get our other radio and receiver from Glen Collins and get it to him. The club trainer has a bad servo or receiver causing jittering. It started after the gears were replaced in one of the servos.

The wing launcher was returned. Bob Constible has had it since the flying session at the Wiscassett field after the last meeting. Bob gave it John LeClair. It did not come with a spike and needs one. Anybody got an extra nail? A big one!

New Business:

The HLG contest was cancelled due to the short time notice. It was announced at the meeting, but, the newsletter did not get out in time to provide adequate notice. I would like to hold the nest HLG contest on October 22nd. Can the DSC members make it?

Jeff delivered the HLG trophy to Mike Farnsworth trophy. His tenure with it was a good one, but, the moving company killed it on the way toNorth Carolina. It was in four pieces! Good thing it that it is made of solid steel and not breakable!   Mike brought the trophy with him on a visit to his dad’s welding shop. Thanks to his dad for welding the pieces back together. It is now ready for another few years.

The August 13 meeting is going to be an informal meeting as there will not be any club officers present to run the meeting. Several members will be attending the Charles River TD contest. Brunswick Area Modelers is also hosting a fun fly on the same day. – (Note: this edition was published after the August meeting.)

Club Trailer: Members voted to sell the club trailer to raise some funds. Mike will put a special section in the forum to hold open bidding for the trailer amongst club members. High bid will win. Bids were scheduled to close on 8/13. (Note; the newsletter was not published nor the forum section was created by the thirteenth so the end date will be one month from the time that the newsletter is published.)

Members discussed the request of some BAM members to fly glow powered gliders on the Wed night Glider Night at the BAM field. DSC members present thought that it was a good idea since they are gliders. Many people are flying electrics and not gliders. Members voted to allow any and all gliders regardless of what powers them since it is a ‘glider night’. All members present were in favor except for one member: Marks quote was “If it ain’t pure it ain’t no good. – next!”

  Show and Tell

Scott Lister brought a Fireblade 2 HLG by Isthmus Models. Scott is building and writing instructions for this DLG. The wing features sections with Ag 45 ct, Ag46ct, and Ag47ct airfoils. Scott was contacted by Ann Marie Cross of Lift Zone Magazine to complete a review for this glider. Scott reported that the kevlar and carbon weaves used in modeling are tough to find at this time. Seems that the producers are not making the lightweight weaves we commonly use. The demand for bullet proof vests and composite full scale constuction is putting a crimp in the composits used for modeling.

  The Flap Zone

Several of our members made the trip to Massachusetts to compete in the CRRC Thermal Duration contest. Of the more notable contestants present was Tom Kiesling. Tom recently competed at the Nats and won most of the Soaring contests. Needless to say, we got the chance to fly head to head against some of the best fliers around.

So, how did we do? Very well! Bob Buxton won the Sportsman class on Sunday. Congratulations to Bob on his win! He now has two wins in the Sportsman class and continues on his winning ways. How many wins does it take to be required to compete in the Expert class? I am not sure, but, the ESL results posted still have not given Bob any points towards his ranking. If you do not understand the scoring it is usually because Rick is involved. We will all wait to see which class he competes in next year.

Saturdays Results:

Sundays Results:

Sundays Winners: Bob and Tom

Rick sucessfully sacraficed an airplane to the tree gods on both days. Thanks to Rick for keeping the rest of us safe. We all appreciated his selfless act of kindness. Mark Higgins competed on Saturday and finshed 25th overall.

Rick just before his good deed.

Michael Moore beat Mike Farnsworth on both days. (Now I have to listen to him crow for the rest of the year.) He finished just out of placing both days (4th on Sat, 5th on Sun). Mike Farnsworth did very well in the morning rounds but choked in the after noon on both days. He was flying in the same group as Tom Kiesling on both Saturday and Sunday. He did manage to beat Tom in one round - the highlight of his soaring accomplishments.