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Slope soaring combat: The Battle of the Averos
DownEast Soaring Club president Jim Armstrong and Kurt Frost go at it at the Eastern Promenade, Portland, ME. Jim's voice is in the background. -Video by Nelson Frost. -
Two media versions are available:
Windows media viewer version (360K .wmv) or RealPlayer version (376K .rm)

Dynamic Soaring: DS as it is called is performed on the back side of slope. Energy is gained each time the glider enters the air moving over the top of the slope. Airspeeds greater than 200 mph are being achieved, sometimes exceeding the structural limits of the glider.
Watch this clip of DS'ing in light wind. Dynamic Soaring (2.46MB mpg)

Winch Launch:
F3B style winch launch as seen from the plane, nice landing as well! 13.5MB avi or 0.9MB .wmv (well worth the download, courtesy


F3B Speed Task
Dennis Phelan demonstrating an F3B launch and speed task.

2.9MB.wmv  (video courtesy York County Soaring)

DSC Member Launch
Michael Moore launching off 200m of the cheap mono.

1.9MB.wmv  (video filmed by John LeClair)


May 2003 Newsletter Collages

Sloping at the Prom May 2003

Sloping at Clark Cove May 2003

R/C Swap Meet April 2003

Recent Club Pictures:

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Dennis Phelan giving pointers  - 2004

September HLG - Group Photo  - 2004

September  HLG  - Jim Armstrong - 2004

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Rick briefly enjoying his new full house

DSC Members @ August CRRC Two Day ESL Open Class Contest

July HLG - Group Photo 2003

July HLG - Launch - 2003

May Open TD - Jay 2003

May Open TD - Mark Higgins

Mike, are you sure this one is on ?
wiggle wiggle ?

Looks like an old pro

How about blue next time ?
Sal, do we get a discount on the next one ?

Hardcore or just all wet ?

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