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Dues for the Downeast Soaring Club (DSC) are $12 per year. Our dues are used to support club activities and the club's equipment. Members receive a monthly newsletter and access to the Members section of the Web Site. The Members section contains links to all of the clubs news letters in PDF format, lists of all current members, and more. In addition, members may also use the club's two winches and a retriever for thermal flying.

We are an active group of flyers with events year round. The winter in the northeast is cold, and great for slope! Summer time events include our no-host lobster slope meets. These meets feature fresh boiled lobster from the local lobster shack. Eat and then walk 100 feet to a picturesque beach for an afternoon of slope and combat. Past events include Soaring Conventions featuring well known hobby persona. Our conventions have attracted attendees from as far away as California.

Join now! We have instructors that can teach you to fly any style of glider: Thermal Duration, F3B, Aero-Tow, Slope Soaring, Slope Combat, Scale, Power Slope Scale, Hand Launch, and Electric. The newer EPP (Extruded Poly Propelene) gliders are virtually unbreakable and allow new flyers to learn how to fly faster without the fear of damaging the airplane.

DSC is an AMA sanctioned club and as such requires AMA membership to join. For more information Click Here or contact any of the current club officers:

President Jim Armstrong (207) 725-5758
Vice-President Forrest Sumner (603) 321-1834
Treasurer Kevin Karnes (207) 353-2768
Secretary Mike Farnsworth (207) 729-7290

Please fill out the Membership Application and mail it with a check or money order payable by any of the methods described below. The Membership Application uses the Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format. If you do not have the viewer, you can get a copy of the Acrobat Reader by clicking on the following image:

How to pay you membership dues:

  1. Cash: $12.00 to DSC Treasurer Kevin Karnes. See note #1.
  2. Check: $12.00 check made out to “Downeast Soaring Club”.
    Check can be delivered in person or mailed to DSC Treasurer Kevin Karnes
    Kevin Karnes
    635 Pinkham Brook Road
    Durham ME 04222
  3. PayPal: $12.50 PayPal payment to Downeast Soaring Club account at See note #2.

Additional Notes about payment methods:

  1. Cash is accepted anytime. Also FYI: Dues money can now be given the Club Treasurer in the Topsham library Conference Room before or after a business meeting.
  2. PayPal charges DSC a fee for money sent to the Club. So to pay by PayPal dues are $12.50. For an exception see notes 3 and 4 below.
  3. The past the fees from PayPal were around 67 cents, so to off-set this cost, the club has decided for those using PayPal, the dues will be $12.50. This seems to be a reasonable added cost for members to use the convenience of PayPal if they wish to do so. This PayPal account is used exclusively for DSC funds.
  4. However, depending on the type of account you have with PayPal, if you’re sure the Club will get exactly $12.00, then by all means send only $12.00.