Brunswick Area Modelers Field, Topsham, Maine

Brunswick Area Modelers graciously hosts a Wednesday evening "glider only night" for the DownEast Soaring club. DownEast Soaring club members host the event as long as there is enough light after work. Some members attach lights to park flyers and continue flying after dark. A Club traininer and equipment is available to help beginners learn to fly. Park fliers are also frequently flown. Beginners and people who are new to the sport are encouraged to attend. Guest who do not have an AMA membership may fly according to AMA rules: for one evening under the supervision of a qualified pilot. Continued flying requires AMA membership.

Please Note: BAM requires all flyers to have a current AMA membership to use thier facility. DownEast Soaring Club members and guests may only use the field on Wednesday evenings. Use of the field during other times is not allowed unless you are a member of Brunswick Area Modelers.

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